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Our expertise and passion.

Mobile Development

We craft apps for different platforms and needs ranging from information sharing to complex business to business applications that supports purchases and real time data management.

Web Development

We develop wide variery of websites spanning from single page portfolios to extensive database dependant sites managing E-commerce and real time user interface.

UI/UX Design

The perfect application is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for use. Our team follows design trends in development for an intuitive design and best user experience.


Keeping up with latest technology is key. Development tools, methods and concepts are always updated. We keep up with trends and proper solutions in both designing and software engineering.

Responsive Design

Technological devices comes in varied sizes. We ensure our designs are fluid and adapts to different devices. This ensures your design looks good and is easy to operate regardless of the device.

Web & Mobile Security

Security is an integral part of the development process and never an after thought. Applications are constructed with best practices and in accordance to current security protocols.

Our Sectors

Expertise in various fields.


Online Presence, E-Commerce

Financial Services

Data and precision driven


Lifestyle and Fun


Services and Information


F&B and Hotels


Content Sharing, networking

Our Process

Constructing the product in phases to perfection.

  • Client Requirements

    It is common to rush this phase and jump into development which we strictly prohibit. We spend the time to discuss and understand in detail on client's requirments. We ensure both client and us are on the same page for design and development prior to proceeding to the next step.

  • UI/UX Design

    We start with an outline wireframe design for the application and work out best designs that would work for the app. The design process has multiple steps involving sketching, color matching, adopting current trend design concepts and following the client's theme requirments if any. A prototype is developed conforming to the design.

  • Development

    Application development is commenced upon client's satisfactory with the design. This phase consists of designing the software architecture for the application. This is followed by coding the application, proving and software integration.

  • Testing

    Applications are put to the test to sort out any kinks and bugs. Security testing, load testing, UI testing and regression testing are among the main focus for tests. No application is ready for launch till it passes our rigorous testing phase.

  • Product
    To Client!

Meet Our Senior Team

The perfect concoction of creativity and tecnhical mastery for great apps!

Kala Krish

Managing Director


Customer Relations Executive

S Vaithi

Lead Technical Advisor

RedChilliApps leadership team has deep roots in mobile/web development, software engineering and UI/UX design.

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